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FMA FYI [Feb. 25th, 2006|09:33 pm]
[mood |impressedimpressed]

hey sorry all you other fma addicts out there i've been meaning to post this info for a while. since the FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST series is coming to a close on cartoon network (or [adult swim]), there's talk of an fma coming out. now, for those of you on top of your game, you know that this movie's already been released in japan. (the movie's called "conqueror of shambala".) for those of you even more on top of your game (wow, i really did not need to imagine someone humping a game right now, but that's what popped in my head), you know that "conqueror"'s already come out in select american cities (or, rather, it's badly subbed dvd has). well, good news ofr those of you with family in california who like you and will send you presents! "conqueror" has been released in southern and mid-california! so get your aunts and uncles to buy it for you, or if you're obsessed enough go there and buy it yourself! be warned, though: THE SUBBING IS BAD. (i have this really bad urge to write DON'T PUCH THE SUBBING. BAD. sorry you'd only get it if you're a LOST junkie). and by BAD i mean BAD. so just watch out, it'd probably be best to watch it and then read one of the many synopsis there are online (for a very good one, visit fullmetal-alchemist.com). yeah, ok, that was my post.
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HAH A...H A [Feb. 25th, 2006|09:01 pm]
[mood |geekygeeky]
[music |none but i can hear "evita" on hbo in the background]

haha omfg i've been reading that artemis fowl book way too fricking much, i forgot how GIIIDY it makes me. he he i almost wrote maes instead of makes. maes. maes hughes ack i died. maes hughes. aes hughes. aeshughes. hesus. JESUS! hughes is jesus! ack i need to post that.

ha ha for all of you who don't read artemis fowl, let me tell you a little bit of what you're missing. there's a trigger-happy fairy named holly short who's really fricking awesome and a paranoid centaur who wears an aluminum foil hat to make sure his brain waves aren't messed with named foaly. foaly. faol. y. foalolololol. haha i'm having to much fun making fun of valentine. NO I DON'T WANT TO BE A WAITER!!! i really don't.

ok um i'm not sure exactly WHY i'm on right now but i am so live with it. i guess i could relay some problems i've been having but that wouldn't be as fun as hiding them in my soul and then making you get a fishing pole and look for them (haha get it? fishing pole...fish...fish...)

whoa how weird would it be to have people dress you like the dolls in the dark princess' room in mirrormask? i mean, seriously, i can't ever imagine having people--let alone freaky dolls that pop out of boxes and sing about wanting to never leave me--dress me. it'd be too weird. too personal.


i'm pretty.

ack that requires explanation and i'm not willing to give it right now so go ahead! go get your fishing pole and i'll put my brain in the ocean (just be sure to use a small hook so that my brain doesn't get hurt; i need it for school on monday). i don't like the ocean. actually i love the ocean i just hate the sand. it's yucky. it gets on your towel so when you lay down it gets on you and when you try to brush it off it sticks to your hands and if you wait until the water evaporates and there's just sand sticking to your hands, the salt makes the sand stoick to you even worse--like glue. so i hate sand. but i do love the ocean. it's so pretty. it's one of the few hues of blue that i like. blueey-greeney. i wish my eyes were that color. that'd be pretty cool. my eyes used to be really blue like crayon blue. but now they're gray. eew. i don't like having gray eyes because it makes me look even paler than i am and when i get a zit it makes that part of my face look firehydrant red. my mom says i should cleanse. i probably should. it'd get rid of all the other crap in my body while it's at it and hey! maybe it'd make me feel better! and if i felt better maybe i'd be a better person and would be nicer like melinda. maybe i'd make people like me better. maybe it'd make boys like me better. ack bad alexis. but no i don't mean it the way it came out. i'm not like a sex fiend or anything. i just...nevermind it's too complicated. besides i think i went over this in another post from some time ago.

crap now i feel like crap cuz i HAD to remind myself of that. good going al.

crap. i'll see everybody on monday. signing off.

(i think this is one of those times where i'm having trouble understanding my icon because it's exactly what's going on right now. maybe i should go fish my own brain out...)
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BUBBLY [Feb. 20th, 2006|08:23 am]
[music |"What is this feeling?" Wicked OST]

haha i don't know why i feel especially BUBBLY today. yes, bubbly. the word i've never even used in my head before let alone said aloud or typed.
Gee, I'm weird. but I already knew that.
Ha ha HA HA ha i have the house all to MYSELF he he now to go back to Teen Titans on... CARTOONM NETWORK!!! XD I just died cuz i'm that much a dork. yes, i'm a whale penis.
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FYI [Feb. 16th, 2006|06:16 pm]
[mood |draineddrained of life]
[music |Jillian]

Just so y'all know, there is no such thing a semi-depressionalism according to Merriam-Webster's dictionary and thesaurus of 2003.
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Ah, I'm bAAA-aaack [Feb. 16th, 2006|06:07 pm]
AH OMFH OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG--oomphg!!!! I always forget how much I love that video. I should go watch the Nemo video for Hanna. I will in a minute.

Ah! *hits self* Bad Al. I was about to start dissecting my life again, which is what makes me so depressed. That and the fact that I haven't gotten anything new in weeks. No, wait, before, you think I sound selfish--hear me out, then you can decide. Seriously think about it for a minute. When you have something new, it focuses your mind so much you can't take in anything else--including the bad. But if, like me, there's nothing new, that leaves your mind free to start THINKING and... DISSECTING...and...WATCHING FMA (oh, wait, no, that's just me in general :D)...and...THINKING!!! Ah, I'm back to that, my brain must be dead. I think it is anyways though because of the outline due today. I didn't stay up very late (some people in my class were up till 2 or 3 inb the morning!!), but I still feel really drained. I think that's also what's making me feel so semi-depressed. Is there such a thing as semi-depressionism? I'm gonna go look it up.

Until then, I have a task for all of you weirdos out there who read my LJ--I want you to think of your best memory and SEND IT TO ME!!! Hopefully it's something nice (I don't need any depressed moms posting about the night they conceived their now-dead daughter, thank you very much, don't be a Cornelia or Kelly Simon!!!), and if it's not, just make it up! I don't know why I'm making you people do this, I just feel like it, which sounds really SM, but please do it! I'll look back on all these happy memories and remember them, even if they're not my own.

Oh, a tip for all of you ASA-ers out there: try searching SEAN ROSS under Google Images. You come up with some pretty interesting stuff...
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Warning: My head may explode [Feb. 16th, 2006|05:59 pm]
[mood |confusedat life]
[music |None, but soon Jillian]

Ah, this is me. Yes, me. Boring me. Selfish me. Gory me. Me. Me me me me me me me. Yes, me. I thought I should warn you: this is all about ME.

God, I'm so sick of all of this. I have a fight every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed. Or, if I'm not called a bitch at least once every day, I'm completely ignored, like some peice of...nothing. Like a peice of ice. Yes, ice. Ice like in Dante's Inferno. Gods, that book is boring. Just like me.

I know anybody who's stalker-ish enough to read this must be absolutely bored with me by now, and has probably stopped reading this. Yes, I'm typing to nobody but myself. Why am I always like this? Why am I always so depressed when I go on the internet? Normal people go on to talk to their friends or watch a music video or listen to music or something. But no, not me. I guess I'm special that way. Wait, is that special or stupid. Ah, I'm retarded. I must have cerebral palsy. Almost wish I did. At least then I'd have an excuse for being so mood-swing-y.

WHY AM I LIKE THIS? I have my diary hidden in my room to be depressed like this. You know what, I'm going to end this post now, go watch Jillian on youtube, then come back and be happy. I'm sick of being sad. I want to change me. I want to be un-me-ish. wOW I'm using a lot of hyphens today.
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ummm....nothing? [Jan. 5th, 2006|08:32 pm]
[mood |blanknothing to do...]
[music |watching the fma amv 'atonement' on youtube.com]

Hey y'all. Felt like updating. If i misspell something, sorry; I'm not exactly in an OCD mood right now.
I kinda feel like I need to update more. Is that true? If so, post a comment; it will be my jar. And everyone knows happiness is only happiness if let out of its jar every once in a while.
Wow, did I really just write that? Philosophical. Oops, didn't mean to be. I'm very sad because I heard from Hanna that the FMA movie doesn't come out until the 26th or so. I wanted it so come out on my birthday, the 14th. Oh well. We don't always get what we want.
Sorry, I'm in a rather dry mood. *splashes bucket of water over head* There, now I'm better.
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[mood |aggravatedby supid people]
[music |numa numa song]

Hey y'all, just wanted to say hi. Nothing really in particular to say; I just have some free time to myself right now. I kind of feel like a cow in that respect: all I'm doing is sitting here, munching away. Too bad I don't have black spots. That'd be pretty cool.
Well, I got to see Willow last weekend, and it was really fricking awesome. A horse tried to eat my boob. And this weekend, I get to go see Goblet of Fire with her, Nii-san, and maybe Skylar (Schuler), Tayler/Tyler. They may be two different people, but I consider them kind of like Siamese twins. When you say one's name, the other's automatically falls behind it.
I wish I was funnier. I guess that's something I've been wishing for a while. All my friends are uber funny, but here I am, the little goofball who does nothing but sit and laugh at their jokes. Ah well. I'm not gonna sit around and whine about poor me. I've jot some Hughes journal reading to do!
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I FEEL LIKE CRAP [Nov. 7th, 2005|04:05 pm]
I know I just did an entry, but there's more buried crap I feel I need to get out. I went over and read Nii-san's LJ...I think that helped. Her words are always better at expressing what she means than mine, but I'll do the best I can.
Why are guyes so weird? No, I don't mean like some stupid freaking stand-up comic hypothetical question way, I mean seriously, WHY?! I mean, it seems like no matter what I do I never do it right with them (no, I'm NOT talking sexually). When I try to comfort them, they go all major bad ass like some homunculi thing on me, but when I don't because I think they need some time to themselves, they get mad at me because I DON'T comfort them!! AAAAARRGGGGGHGHGHGHG!!!! And then today, when everybody was talking at lunch, I realized I was the ONLY FREAKING ONE WHO'D NEVER GOTTEN ASKED OUT/HAD A BOYFRIEND before. Ever. EVER. And I'm fifteen! I mean, I'm not saying I want some hot and heavy, Barbie and Ken thing to happen to me, but a little attention would be nice, you know? And all the guys I know think of me only as a friend, even though I've got a freaking 38 inch bust. I'm not trying to brag, I just mean...THEY'RE A LITTLE HARD NOT TO NOTICE!!! And yet everywhere I go I get these stupid freaking dead ends, and I can't help but feel like that's all my life's heading towards right now!
Plus, on top of it all, I found out that the two guys I liked--actually LIKED! REAL guys, not anime!--had girlfriends: girls in MY CLASS! *SCREAM* Sometimes I wish I could just go outside and smear my blood across the sky just to get people to notice me. I know, I know, really, I know how selfish that sounds(trust me, I really do--it's been running in my head like a record for the past three months), but I feel like I really freaking need it sometimes; sometimes...Ah, nvmd. That was worse than the whole bloody sky thing.
Sometimes I even feel like my friends don't even really like me. I mean, I know they SAY they do, but sometimes those words feel hollow--you know what I mean? Like they're just going through the motions. And then there are other times, where when I break down crying they'll hold me and comfort me and I can look her straight in her gorgeous green eyes and know she's not lying to me and I'll be falling flying down straight down to earth oh no i'm going to crash i'll die i'll never live past now and how can people say that's not bad and then she'll be there and she'll catch me and I'll lie my head on her lap tears streaming and she'll be there her golden hair hiding me from the world...she'll be there.
And sometimes...that's all I really need.
Somebody there.
For me.
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[mood |annoyedby stupid people]
[music |none]

Wow, I can't believe how bored I am. It's been a while, yes I know, though from what I know there have also been people who don't write in their LJ's for months, years, even! Guess I'm not that bad. Whatever. To be completely honest, I just don't really care. My life is my life, and I am NOT Barbie, so you cannot control my life like plastic, people!
Sorry, didn't mean to rant. Been going through some independence issues with my parents. How can they NOT get it? They always tell us, "when they were younger"...Well, you're not young anymore, what WTF are you telling me this for?! (I always feel like screaming that at them.)
I've never really had a bad relationship with my parents. Still don't, when it comes to my mom.But my dad? Wow, you can forget about it. He was upset that I started my period at nine. Yes, I know! That's early!! Way early!!! But it's not like I can control it, so why get mad at me? Geeze. Sometimes I feel like my parents think they're Zeus or something--all they have to do is hit my ass with a thunderbolt and I'll spring into action. Well, too f*cking bad, I'm not doing it.If you're Zeus, I'm Artemis; try and find me, if you can.
Sorry, not trying to sound weird. I know I am, though. Can't help it, hope you love me anyways.
Well, I gotta go; I might be spending the night at Nii-san's!!! YAY!!! Oh, gotta go anyways, "UNDO" is on my radio! </color>
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